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PWM Port

Discussion created by John Douglas on Dec 21, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2006 by Daniel Lundin
I was just confirming if I understand how the 8 PWM ports work on the HCS12.  I'm building a robot that uses GPS information to navigate a course.  It will have differential steering that will be controlled by PWM on each of the tires.  Now once the PWM duty cycle and frequency is set, will it affect the information being read into the GPS.  Now that may sound confusing, but I understand when an interrupt occurs, the CPU is interrupted.  Well if that occurs when serial data is being read in from the GPS, it might be interrupted in the middle of the read in of the serial data, making the data that was read in corrupt since it was interrupted while it was reading in data.  My question is when the PWM port is being used, is there no interrupts of the CPU that could cause the serial data to be corrupted?