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Discussion created by M Mucker on Dec 20, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2006 by Thet Myint
I realize that I'm not the world's best C programmer. As a result, on the rare occasions I program in C, I like to crank up compiler settings to their most picky settings, so the compiler warnings and errors will alert me when I'm about to do something boneheaded.  (Or when I'm about to make an easy-to-make mistake.)
I'd like to do the same with CodeWarrior for the HCS08. I observed, for instance, that CodeWarrior will allow me to assign the value 65535 to a 16-bit signed integer. I would like CodeWarrior to warn me when I do things like that.
Can anyone suggest appropriate settings to turn the compiler up to 'nitpicky mode'?