Jon Pendlum

Help getting started with Codewarrior and MC9S12C32

Discussion created by Jon Pendlum on Dec 20, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2006 by CompilerGuru

I recently completed a microcontrollers class at my university. We used the MC9S12C32 and coded exclusively in assembly using AsmIDE. I would like to start coding in C using Code Warrior (I have the special edition that came with my 9S12 installed), but I am completely confused on using the program. I found some tutorials on how to create a new project, but I cannot seem to find any step by step tutorials on the following:

1. How C fits into Code Warrior and can be used with my micro.
For example, I have seen examples using a function EnableInterrupts() which is self explanatory. Where do you find a list of all these functions? Where is a reference list of variables that define the register locations? How do I create multiple C source code files and link them together? What C features are not supported?

2. Mixing C and assembly code.
What problems should I look out for? Is it possible to reserve space for a variable with assembly code and reference that variable in C?

3. Monitoring the registers and memory space on my micro with the debugger. Is this even possible?

4. Compiling project code and transferring to my micro.

If someone can point me to tutorials on those questions, I believe a lot of my frustration will be relieved. Bonus points for a tutorial that starts with a new project and ends with a completed project loaded onto the micro. Thanks in advance!