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Easily build a custom Linux BSP for an i.MX

Discussion created by Maciej Halasz on Dec 13, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by KrishnaPavan

Timesys offers FREE online tools with which you can build a custom BSP for an i.MX processor.     (BTW, the tool won Best in Show at FTF)


Its actually very easy to use. Using an online web hosted system in only 4 steps driven by a nice wizard you can select the following:


1. Linux kernel - based on Freescale LTIB

2. Cross-toolchain - (uClibc or glibc)

3. RFS packages (hundreds of them)

4. Deployment options


The entire process of building your BSP happens on Timesys servers and when the build is done, you get an e-mail with a link from where you can download your custom BSP.

You actually get the following:


Your custom BSP binaries:

- Linux kernel

- RFS - pre-formatted for deployment with your selected packages (APIs)


Matching custom SDK (for application/system development)

- cross-toolchain

- pre-installed header files and libs


With the custom BSP/SDK it is easy to try different APIs, build benchmarks, simple apps etc.

Access to the system and ability to build custom BSPs is not time limited.You get access to all the sources as well!