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PCS for MX21

Discussion created by Mathew Laibowitz on Dec 19, 2006
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I am trying to get the Platform Creation Suite v3.01 running on linux for development on the MX21ADS platform.
After fixing a typo in the installation script on the CD and recreating the installation media, and backgrading our linux development machine to have compatible libraries, we were finally able to install the PCS and the Linux Board Support Package that came with the development kit.
However, when try and run the Target Wizard, it quits with a message about licensing. We have received a license key from Freescale/Codewarrior, but we can't seem to install the license key. There does not seem to be a license.dat file anywhere or a license manager.
Are we missing something? Or do we just need to find the correct spot in the directory structure (/opt/Embedix) to create a license.dat file with the key in it?