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MPC8349EDS - Issues while ltib config

Question asked by Dinesh Bakiaraj on Dec 19, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2007 by Thierry Giraud
I am using ltib to try build my 2.6.x based kernel for MPC8349EDS.
When I try to compile the kernel, I get a error message:
include/linux/kernel.h:10:20: stdarg.h: No such file or directory
I did find the ltib was referencing to the gcc on the host machine ../usr/bin/gcc
While browing through FAQ's, I did come come across a section which talked about configuring ltib to point to the corresponding toolchain. When I tried to run ./ltib -m config , this is what I get:
./ltib -m config
+ cd config/platform/ep83xx
+ '[' -n '' -a -e /prj/ltib/config/profile/ ']'
+ mconf main.lkc
# using defaults found in .config

Your kernel configuration changes were NOT saved.
This is all I get and I do not get any configuration options or GUI.
What am I missing... I kind of took over from a person who was working on this
and had to jump in the middle to trouble shoot this issue.
Would very much appreciate your support.
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