Robert Schwebel

i.MX at electronica 2010

Discussion created by Robert Schwebel on Nov 10, 2010
The Pengutronix kernel team shows the latest i.MX activities at electronica 2010 in Munich/Germany this week! So if you happen to be in that area, you are welcome to join in and visit us on the Pengutronix booth (A6/655) or on the Freescale booth (A6/107).

It's great to see how Linux for i.MX develops on the mainline kernel! Quite a lot of companies joined in recently and supported our effords towards better support in the official kernel. 2.6.36 was released just some weeks ago, so the demos we have at the electronica mostly show what's new in there.

Here are the hot topics:

  • Booting into Linux Userspace in 436 ms
  • Flickerfree booting into Qt 4.7
  • GUI development with Qt
  • Linux on the Chumby
  • MX35 with 2.6.36 mainline
  • MX27 with hardware accelerated video
  • J1939 CAN Communication < 100 ms after power-on
  • Ongoing mainlining activities on MX28 and MX51
  • Running one binary kernel on all i.MX derivates
So if you are planning some i.MX project, the mainline kernel is in quite a good position for a project start for most of the derivates out there - just try it out! Due to the high code quality of the port (which went throught the mainline peer review process) and the proper abstraction performed on the mainline, an adaption of the kernel to custom hardware is really, really easy.

Our team will be in Munich until friday this week, so if you are interested in these activities, just come around and get some fresh hot coffee :-)