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Discussion created by Bhavana Yarlagadda on Dec 19, 2006
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Hi ...........
I am using cosmic compiler and freescale hcs12 controller(MC9s12DT128)
I am defining a variable in eeprom at a particular address and i want to initialise it also but i am not able do this......
what i did was..
@eeprom UINT32 u32eepromsum @0x0D00;
the above defnition is working but i want to set the value in eeprom at the time of programming only,so i did like this
@eeprom UINT32 u32eepromsum @0x0D00=0x88;
but i am not able to compile with this defnition..i am getting error message "invalid lvalue"
Is this type of of defnition is not supported by Cosmic
Even IAR supports this types.....
In Hcs12 for writting in eeprom it is taking more time because of its limitation that we have to erase and then write.Erase itself takes 27msec.In my project time is very critical....
so i want the value to be loaded in eeprom at the time of programming only