Sam Zakhem

SSI I2S Bus on i.MX35 pdk

Discussion created by Sam Zakhem on Oct 27, 2010
Hello everyone,

I am working on the i.MX35 pdk with linux 2.6.31 running on it. I am still new with embedded systems so please forgive my inexperienced questions and please try to be patient with me.

I want to transfer an audio file (.pcm) to an external modem but I don't want to use the headphone jack because I am using the jack for something else. From what I understood, I can transfer the audio file to the audio codec on the personality board pins and then connect these pins to the external device (please correct me if I am wrong). To do so, I need to transfer the data using the SSI bus in I2S mode; the reason behind this is that the external device will read the data using its own I2S bus.

I really have no background in embedded programming, so I was wondering if someone can direct me to the right path. How can I transfer the audio file to the audio codec? It will be very helpful if there is any sample C code I can look at. I tried to use mxc_ssi_test1.c provided in the imx-test package but I always get an error "error in IOCTL_SSI_CONFIGURE_SSI ioctl". So please any help of any kind will be very appreciated.

Sam Zak