Robert Schwebel

Animated GUIs with Qt

Discussion created by Robert Schwebel on Oct 4, 2010
It's amazing what's possible even on low-end hardware with the recently published Qt 4.7. Here is a short video, coming freshly out of the Pengutronix kernel lab:

This box runs the Barebox bootloader, linux-2.6.35 and Qt on an i.MX27 cpu, without any acceleration! Although the display is 800x480, it's possible to run animations smoothly.

Have a look at the boot sequence: the video starts with the powering of the device. The box has a full blown UBIFS root file system, with ipkg packaging for easy maintenance. The splash comes up within the first few 100 ms, and the Qt application is up and running about 6 s after power-on.

We are currently working on an update of the VPU drivers for the latest and greatest kernels; some days ago, I've seen hardware accelerated Big Buck Bunny on that box. So expect an update of this video soon :-)