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Recent i.MX51 Activities on Mainline Linux

Discussion created by Robert Schwebel on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by Geetha G
This is just a short note that we recently won a secret customer project which brings us into the position to be able to mainline many more MX51 components!
Watch the ARM Linux Kernel mailing list or Sascha Hauer's maintainer tree to get the latest updates. We have unified the different PMICs, are working on SPI, CAN-via-SPI, have AC97 audio, SDMA plus much more things.
Interested in the really sexy things, like accelerated video + graphics? Drop us a note! We have nicely reworked VPU drivers for the MX27 which could be ported to MX51 as well, have started reworking the IPUv3 drivers and many more. Things will go into the mainline the faster the more projects we get behind these activities! :-)