Giorgio Marinangeli

UART2 not working with latest freescale linux BSP (10.07.11)

Discussion created by Giorgio Marinangeli on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by MIKE PETERSEN
I downloaded form Freescale web site the L2.6.31_10.07.11_ER_source_bundle.
With the BSP and with ltib included in this bundle, I built a zImge for My EVM babbage board.
Now, I am not able to get UART2 and UART3 working .
With the previous version of the BSP provided by Freescale, with a simple pin settings in mx51_babbage_gpio.c file, all UARTs were working on my board.
Now, with the latest L2.6.31_10.07.11_ER_source_bundle I am no longer able to take the UART2 and UAR3 working.
Can anyone give me a suggestions?