Christophe Cap

u-boot on i.MX35 dies with drive strength enabled (booting Linux)

Discussion created by Christophe Cap on Sep 23, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2010 by JESSE BEEKER

I have a custom board that requires the drive-strength to be set to minimum.

In order to achieve this I enable  'init_drive_strength' in lowlevel_init.S

This al builds fine, however when I boot there's no output except one 0x00.

We've debugged it ant it looks that we get a prefetch abort exception.
U-boot seems to be executing things outside internal SRAM.

As a test we disabled some other lesser important things (e.g init_debug_board) and then rebuild it and this seems to work.

Since all u-boot binaries (even the default ltib build) are larger than 160k and the internal i.MX35 has only 128k internal ram I wonder why this ever worked.

Are my assumption correct or am I missing something ?
How do you guys boot i.MX35 for Linux ?


NOTE : I also tested all of the above on the original 3-stack platform and this gives the same results.