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i.MX GPU SDK version 1.1 -blog archive

Discussion created by Rajesh Gopi Employee on Sep 19, 2010
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The i.MX Graphics team released the SDK1.1 version. Search for "GPU SDK" at http://freescale.com/imx.


Key features are:

  • Code samples for OpenGL ES 1.1, OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenVG 1.1 and C2D (a 2D blit API)
    • All samples support Linux. Most (as appropriate) support X11. The OpenGL ES 1.1 samples now support Android NDK.
  • Documentation for FSL Aspecific APIs and graphics whitepapers
  • A couple of binary graphics demos
  • A multimedia + graphics GUI demo with full source
  • Some utility libraries to make GPU programming easier


A 3 minute vide on the SDK is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl1OXdubho4.