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56F8165 - 0x0200 program address boundary crash (help request)

Question asked by Bruno Marchesi on Dec 18, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2007 by Bruno Marchesi

(CodeWarrior 7.3 / 56F8165 / WinXP SP2 / PExpert 2.97, in use)




When the code downloaded is shorter than 0x200, everything goes fine. With a bigger program the soft crashes.
Using the debugger in mixed view, we can see that where it was expect opcodes, there is now only 0xFF (as the memory was never written...) - screenshot attached.
This happens always and exactly from program memory address 0x0200 and beyond (a page boundary). But it doesn't last forever: if we start the program in higher memory regions, everything runs ok. Other words, there are some specific memory regions where this problem occurs.
First we have tested 2 sample chips, the behaviour was the same. After that, we carried out the test with other 3 'buyed' 8165, and the problem persisted.
When running the code with a 8145 over the same board, everything goes ok.
We have screen shots and test codes to better illustrate the issue, if it's needed.
p.s. We're having this trouble for a long time, and our project timeline is going to deadline... any tips would help a lot... :smileyhappy: