Kyle Ludwig

MCF52233: Lost UDP packets

Discussion created by Kyle Ludwig on Dec 18, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2006 by Mark Butcher

Hi there everyone

I've been using the M52233DEMO board and running Interniche's Coldfire Lite stack and NicheTask. I have written an application which polls the demo board for GPIO pin levels via UDP. This works fine over a crossover cable between my pc and the demo board. However, when i connect the two to a LAN carrying other traffic, the M52233DEMO board frequently (up to 5 times per minute) does not receive a single UDP packet. By not receiving, I mean that I can find no trace of the packet even being received by the FEC. I called fec_stats() after a couple of missed packets which showed that I had a single RxBD overrun error and a Non octet align error. I don't think these relate to the original problem though.

(The UDP packets I send to the device contain less than 30 bytes of data each)

The fact that packets are not received, only when other network traffic is present, leads me to believe that It may be due to buffer overflow of some sort. Could anyone suggest a course of action to suss out and solve the problem?

My first thoughts would be to fiddle with the values of:




Would this be a good course of action, and are there any constraints I should consider before going this way?