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MCF52223EVB Assistance

Discussion created by Nicholas Cooke on Dec 17, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2006 by Nicholas Cooke
I am new to this development environemnt so may be asking soem really dumb questions...
I have recently installed the CodeWarrior dev software and am using the MCF52223EVB with P&E system. I have used Stationery to get started with the simple "Hello World" program. Being new to this development system, I am battling to get to grips with getting thing running properly. I have managed to get the routines hooked in for hte LED's. I cannot get to grips with the Interrupts vectors for the switches.
Does one have to initialize anything specific? Is there any comprehensive documentation that will assist one in getting the full suite integrated for use so I can get going with devloping some software.
Are there routines freely available for a USB stack that can be implemented on this devlopment system.