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Another LTIB Installation Script

Discussion created by Brad Stewart Employee on Jul 27, 2010
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This is reprinted from an internal Freescale site that might prove useful.

Run the attached script from a terminal window.

The script does the following things for you. If you'd like to see exactly which packages are installed and what the script does, open it in a text editor.

  • Upgrade installed packages to the latest version. (This can be disabled by passing "-n" on the command line.)
  • Install tons of packages required for LTIB and Android development, as well as numerous ones that are generally useful, such as doxygen.
  • Rolls back the rpm package to a working version if on Ubuntu 9.10.
  • Installs GIT and Subversion clients.
  • Setup an SSH server.
  • Setup a TFTP server running under xinetd that serves /tftpboot.
  • Setup NFS to export /tools/rootfs.
  • Configured sudo so that LTIB can run the rpm command as root without requiring a password. This makes it possible to build unattended.
  • Reconfigures /bin/sh to point to bash. By default, Ubuntu sets /bin/sh to point to dash (the Debian Almquist Shell). However, LTIB requires /bin/sh to point to bash, and will complain if it is not.
  • Creates the /opt/freescale directory used by LTIB.
  • Limits ccache local cache size to 100MB.

When you run the script, it will ask for your password once in order to execute the commands as root. If you are on the Freescale intranet and don't have the http_proxyenvironment variable set, the script will warn you and refuse to run.

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