Jason Clarke

Storybord Suite 1.1 now provides Linux hosted UI development

Discussion created by Jason Clarke on May 26, 2010

Crank's Storyboard Suite 1.1 has just been posted and now provides a Linux hosted UI development environment.


Crank's Storyboard Engine supports the i.MX family with :


- Linux (fbdev, directfb, and OpenVG)

- QNX (agtdk)

- WinCE 6.0


And provides GUI developers with :

- WYSIWYG development environment
- Animation support is built in
- Desktop Simulator
- LUA script engine and debugger
- Designed for embedded systems
     - event driven
     - image and font cache limits
     - support for hardware accel including using hw layers
     - native API for communication with external applications
- Built on eclipse and supports Linux hosted
- Supports direct import from Photoshop
- Plugin architecture to allow scalability


If you are interested you can download a free 30 days evaluation from our website