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Discussion created by Iain Galloway on May 21, 2010
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(My) Top Ten List why you should be interested in learning more about Qt

10 - Qt is one of the "Hot Three" software technologies today gaining traction globally with Widgets and "convergence" and other buzzwords. The choices seem to be: Google Android(Java), Apple Apps, Nokia+Intel=Moblin+Maemo=MeeGo(Qt). Unlike the others Qt works with Android, (maybe Apple?) and many others. At the same time Qt is also appropriate even for simple things.

9 - You can also write a PC application using Qt that has nothing to do with embedded and still re-use the same code or parts thereof on your embedded device and vice-versa.

8 - You can prototype on a PC or MAC before any hardware is even ready, and use a "virtual mock up" of your product too.

7 - Qt makes it easy to demo to marketing what your embedded product might look like without writing any code.

6 - When you change your hardware your Qt program can stay the same. (i.e upgrade from i.MX233 to i.Mx35 to i.MX51)

5 - Runs on multiple Operating Systems: Windows, MAC, Linux, QNX, ARM, MIPS, X86.......and sometimes even without an OS (Genesi Aura)

4 - Qt fits the most simple interface (plain 2D sliders and button) to the most graphically complex (shiny, flipping, 3D spinning/bouncing buttons and images and video) and yet Qt is fast - (i.e can use pre-rendered fonts on resource constrained devices, or take advantage of hardware acceleration resources like OpenVG and OpenGL)

3 - Strong Support: Rich History. You can find developers. Vibrant community worldwide. There is lots of support options available (ICS, Nokia - Formerly Trolltech). There is strong support for Linux on embedded devices (ICS). You will get your hardware running quickly.

2 - Qt can integrate web resources into your product - (i.e Show maps on your device, signal dispatch to send new supplies - Where is the delivery truck, When is the service guy coming.)

1 - Qt is both Free (LGPL License) and Commercial - Your choice!