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Future Nokia ICS QT Seminar Series Spring 2010

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Future Electronics, Nokia’s Qt Development Frameworks and Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) Team Up to Present Workshop on Developing Sophisticated User
Interfaces for Freescale i.MX-based Applications


Montreal, Canada – April 20, 2010 – The capability to deliver advanced user interfaces and web interaction is a new experience for many embedded software developers who are used to dealing with very basic and static user interfaces because of cost or performance constraints. The most innovative approach to embedded application development comes from the Qt cross-platform
application and UI Framework from Nokia.

This workshop provides an accelerated day of learning about the most modern interface options on embedded multimedia devices. After attending this session, a developer will have worked hands-on with hardware, plus built and debugged an application with an advanced user interface. In addition to building this sample application the attendee will understand the next steps required to develop even more sophisticated user interfaces and rich multimedia systems.


Dates and Locations:

May 18 Boston, MA

May 25 Irvine, CA

May 27 San Jose, CA

June 15 Dallas, TX

June 17 Minneapolis, MN

July 15 Toronto, ON


$149US per student includes all course materials (VM, Videos, Lab & Presentation Files) continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. For more information or to
register, visit www.FutureElectronics.com/Freescale.