Greg Semeraro

MCF52223 EVB Documentation?

Discussion created by Greg Semeraro on Dec 13, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2008 by Bing Hao
Does anyone know where I can find documentation (schematics would be nice) of the MCF52223 evaluation board? I have the board and I am trying to twiddle the GPIO port pin shared with IRQ3. The port is configured correctly but when I look at the signal (with a voltmeter) it is always high (3.3v) no matter what I have commanded into the PORTNQ register. The other PORTNQ GPIO bits seem to change (I am using all but IRQ1 and IRQ2 as GPIO) but not the one shared with IRQ3. I'm guessing that the evaluation board has that pin connected to something that is driving it high and I can't actually use it as a GPIO on the eval board. I'm looking for documentation describing which pins on the MCU_PORT connector have restricted / decicated functions, I cannot seem to find this information.