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Simple XGATE

Discussion created by Isabel Longborough on Dec 10, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2006 by CrasyCat
Im new to microcontrollers so i appologise in advance. I have a program that looks at times between events that cause an interupt in port P. I am having a lot of problems because the main processor doesnt have enough time to process the huge number of interupts as well as do its tasks. Therefore i would like to learn how to use the xgate. I have read the app notes on it and tried to adapt the SCI example. However i dont understand the SCI parts and cant get anything to work. Does anyone have a really simple ideot proof example of the xgate in operation? (I guess thats probably it)
How do you pass variables from the code on one processor to the other? The first thing i would like the Xgate to do is store the Timer value to a variable (LastIntTime = TCNT), which would then be used by the main processor.