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linux startup problem on 548x (custom board)

Discussion created by sridhar s on Dec 10, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2006 by John Weil
I have got linux-2.6.10 up & running on fire engine eval board (MCF5485) using the LTIB and BSP package provided by freescale . However when I run the same on a custom board , I get a trap at the point where it jumps to _running_high code after initializing the MMU in head.S . Any suggestions on where the problem could be ?
The only difference between the two setups is that in the latter , I use a BDM to single step and see where the problem is. I use colilo as the bootloader and I am able to the UART0 prints from colilo on my custom board, so I assume there is no problem there. The only change that I had to do in colilo is to change the RAM initilialization and change the clock frequency from 100mhz to 80mhz.
Also is there some tips/documentation available for changes needed to get linux up on a custom board running MCF54xx?
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