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HCS12 Unable to Single Step through EEPROM write +

Question asked by Bill Scheremeta on Dec 8, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2006 by Bill Scheremeta
Hi. I just inherited a project from an outside consultant and his notes give the following limitations-
-Cannot single step through routines which write to the onchip EEPROM
-Cannot break/resume with WDT enabled (most of the time).
-EEPROM does not retain contents between BDM debug loads (of course the entire memory is flashed from debug session to debug session)
I have verified the  limitations, and the consultant did spend some time trying to resolve them last year with freescale tech support. Now the project is alive again.
I am using Codewarrior 3.1 for HCS12. We are using an external oscillator, so there are no PLL issues.
Does anyone have any pointers to documentation on these limitations? I googled but did not find anything. I just want to know if these are known issues or if there are any work-arounds.
I read somewhere on this board that Codewarrior 4.5 may allow the EEPROM to be preserved between ICD debug sessions, but at this point I don't have time to upgrade