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USB security key application note sw code vanished on site ? HC908JB8 application design

Discussion created by User Mar on Dec 7, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2006 by Samuel Quiroz
about HC908JB8 *USB security key reference design*  named RD68HC908USBSKEY:

In designer reference manual (DRM013.pdf, pag. 14-15) I find, that in RD68HC908USBSKEYSW sw package zip file, there are some asm firmware files.
But in this file, there are only 2 files that are useful only to test the board and not to program the device, that is there is only PC demo sw (exe only) and no fw (asm) files as wrote on manual!!!! 
Nothing is present about fw!!!
Please, let me know, where I can find the source code firmware sample files to program the device on the board!!!!