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BeeKit WirelessUART problems

Discussion created by Balkar Jagpal on Dec 5, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2007 by Balkar Jagpal
I'm using a MC13192 + GT60 SARD board (actually the PAN802154HAR - based very closely on the SARD)and have recently tried to use the BeeKit package for SMAC applications.

After loading the WirelessUART sample program on BOTH boards, I find that there are 3 problems:
1) Only one board seems to be able to TX messages to the other
2) After a few dozen keystrokes, erroneous characters seem to be sent
3) Shortly thereafter, all communication seems lost between the boards. It stays this way until I reprogram the board.

I should mention that I loaded the same identical file onto both boards.
As well, I am using a GT60, although the program is written for a GB60. I've been told by freescale support however, that the different MCU does not matter.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!