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CW6.3 compiling Coldfire Lite end of line error in stdarg.68K

Discussion created by echeffetz echeffetz on Dec 5, 2006
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I went to the seminar several months back and had my laptop and believe I compiled Codewarrior Lite for my M52233DEMO board, but I believe there were some changes given out that I no longer have. In any event I downloaded CW V6.3 and a new Coldfire Lite, but I keep getting the following error which repeats about 65 times, probably once each time the stdarg.68k.h file is referenced:

Error   : unexpected end of line

(included from:




stdarg.68k.h line 20    #if __CFM68K__ 


This is the stdarg.68k.h file portion:



#if __STDABI__ || __REGABI__

#define __va_start(parm) (__std(va_list)) (&parm + 1)

Error>   #if __CFM68K__

                       #define va_arg(ap, type) (*(type *)((ap += sizeof(type) + 3U & ~3U) - (sizeof(type) + 3U & ~3U)))


                       #define va_arg(ap, type) (*(type *)((ap += sizeof(type) + 3U & ~3U) - (sizeof(type))))



I tried downloading a new version of the Coldfire Lite – same result.


I tried slightly modifying the stdarg.68k.h file but could not get rid of this error.


I am able to compile examples, etc. fine.


Please help me!!!


Thank you,