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Suggestion for Doughman replacement text

Discussion created by Jonathan Hill on Dec 5, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2010 by Sean Liming

I regularly teach an embedded microprocessor course in the spring and have been happy with Doughman's Programming the Motorola M68HC12 Family ISBN: 0929392671. The problem is that the bookstore here says that Doughman is out of print. The RTC website has some info and a pointer to but available copies appears to be very limited.

I'd like to know with certainty if Doughman's text is out of print. I'd love to tell the buyer at our bookstore where to buy, say 20 copies for the upcoming spring semester. If Doughman's text is out of print, then I guess I could ask for copyright permission.

In anticipation that I might not be able to get copies of the Doughman text, can you suggest a replacement text? I like the way that Doughman addresses the hardware. I use a separate text that discusses real-time operating system issues.