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MPC55xx:How to create my own initialization file?

Discussion created by Ian Chuang on Nov 29, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2007 by Muraleekrishynan S.
   I just setup my USBTAP connected with my board.  Now I am trying to flash my u-boot.bin to the flash but still have trouble until now.  I have added my own flash config and select the PQ27e_init.cfg as the Target Configutaion file.  However, when I begin to erase the flash it ends up with a failure message and below message I dumped from the logfile.
=== Target Configuration Settings
=== Connection:      
CodeWarrior USB TAP
=== Target Processor:
=== Target Init File:

=== Execute:
=== Timestamp: 
Wed Nov 29 16:48:45 2006
=== Flash Device:        
=== Flash Organization:  
=== Flash Mem Start Addr:
=== Flash Mem End Addr:  
Using Algorithm: amd8x2alt.elf
Loading Flash Device Driver at: 0x00000000
Flash Programmer: Can not read target memory at location: 0x00000000.
Please make sure that the chip selects are properly configured.
The CWPP response code is: 0x0.
Wed Nov 29 16:48:50 2006
I am wondering if I need to create a customized Target Initialization file instead of using the PQ27e_init.cfg.  Is there any help or document I can obtain? Plz help! Thanks.
Below is my test environment:
Board: MPC8247, 128MB SDRAM
IDE: CodeWarrior IDE version 5.7.0 build 1917(CW_EPPC_2.6_Build_60213), USBTAP ROHS updated
OS: Fedora Core4

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