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MPC: Inline assembly info

Discussion created by Martin Gotch on Nov 28, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2006 by Martin Gotch
I am using CW v8.6 for PPC, and am attempting to use the inline assy feature to simplify some lower level stuff from 'C', but there does not seem to be any documentation on this in the 'C' or 'C++' ref manual as stated in Assembler Reference Manual. In particular, I need to use a command like "lbz rD,d(rA)" where rD and rA are 'C' register types, and 'd' is a constant. I can use "lbzx rD,rA,rB" OK by simply calling out "asm(lbzx vara,varb,varc)" but I do not know how to handle the immediate field 'd' with the "lbz rD,d(rA)" command. Thanks for any guidance!

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