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How to change vector Table

Discussion created by Sujith Nair on Nov 28, 2006
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I basically need an answer to post

J2MEJediMaster asked to "in the vector table you'd just plug the reset interrupt vector into the COP interrupt vector. In other words, if the COP occurs, you reset the processor."

How to do that?

I use CodeWarrior 4.5 and the vector table is defined in MC9S12DP512.h as
#define Vcop 0x0000FFFA
#define Vclkmon 0x0000FFFC
#define Vreset 0x0000FFFE

I tried putting "0x0000FFFE" across Vcop, tried making Vcop into Vreset etc but nothing is working and I think its something I am doing wrong. My microcontroller is shutting down when the COP expires, but it is not coming back up. What to do? Please Help.


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