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USB TAP and 32 bit mode

Discussion created by Bill Stephens on Nov 28, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2006 by Bill Stephens
Hey guys,
    I've been trying to get a USB TAP working w/my target. 
    I have found that the Ethernet TAP (a.k.a. PowerTAP Pro) has a "32 bit mode".  And, my old PowerTAP II (which works just great w/my target) also has a "32 bit mode" that must be set in order to use it w/my 32 bit target board...
    I have been unable to find any such setting or mode for the USB TAP.  And, the USB TAP is treating my target like it is 64 bits wide.
   Can someone help the retarded boy (me) figure out how to get the USB TAP into 32 bit mode?
Thanks for any help,