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Can't start Micro without CW Real Time Debugger connected

Question asked by Saulius Jacenas on Nov 22, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2006 by Daniel Lundin

I am writing program with C for MC9S12C32. I am using Turbo BDM Light interface (by Daniel Malik). I download code to the device with Code Warrior Real Time debugger (RTD). The problem is that I can not start the device when disconnected from RTD. When it is connected the code works (SCI, timers...). When I disconnect RTD (I mean the programming wires to RESET and BKGD pins) and reset the power - it hangs. I checked:
1. I get low pulse of ~8.4us on the reset pin after reset.
2. When device starts it should turn on the LED on a pin. And keep it on. After reset the LED blinks once. I get a pulse for about 16,4ms. (I use 15 MHz quartz). - It seem that it start and then goes down.
3. I tried to start a new project in Code Warrior with pure assembler, and wrote couple of lines to toggle the pins. After downloading the code to device and disconnecting the RTD it worked!!! I make a conclusion that when compiling C, CW also adds extra code for real time device debugging, which then halts the device when RTD not connected.

Does anybody know were is the problem?
Any help will be very valuable - confused....