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Help with Obtaining HCS12 Electrical Characteristics

Discussion created by Eric North on Nov 22, 2006
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Good evening everyone,


References: A.  MC68HC912D60 Advance Information Manual

B.  Screenshot of ‘D60 Advance Info Manual (Attached)

C.  Discussion Group Thread: “Re: MC9s12DG128 RTI,” posted by Peg, posted on: 2006-03-0104:20 PM


Background.  I’ve recently made a post to the Freescale forums concerning an app I’m working on that involves the clocks and reset generator module (CRG).  In my searches to discover how to ensure I’m implementing proper and safe code for the CRG, I’ve come across several interesting observations:


1.  There exists a good amount of support for developers who use the current variants of the HCS12 family, in terms of Advance Info manuals, product notices, errata fact sheets, application developer links, etc.  What I haven’t been able to stumble across in my searches through the Freescale website are any references that outline detailed electrical characteristics for any HC12 and HCS12 modules developed beyond the MC68HC912D60 as per Reference A above.  As the attached document at Reference B will show, this HC12 device came with an Advance Info manual that included all electrical characteristics for each of the modules on-board.  An example of detailed information that would prove useful if I was using this module for my particular app is found on p.360, Table 74 (things like the “limp home” frequency range, min bus freq, etc, are good to know :smileywink:.


2.  Other useful info that this manual outlined at Reference A contained were sections on development support including info on BDM and breakpoints, as well as a section on “CGM Practial Aspects.”  For future releases of the HC12 and HCS12, why wasn’t this information updated and incorporated into the advance info manuals?


3.  After browsing through the ‘DP256B advance info manual, and CRG block user guide, I cannot come anywhere close to identifying the same kinds of information as that discovered at Reference A above.  Why is this?  Where can I find this information?   Most chips, ICs, electronic devices etc are accompanied with a datasheet, what happened to the detailed datasheet-type information for the HC12 and HCS12 devices?  From the post identified at Reference C, mention was made of a “DG Manual” which contains the kind of info I’m searching for (this discussion thread pertained to an app that made use of the MC9s12DG128 RTI, while this isn’t the same as my app, the contents of the discussion are similar to my problem).  Where can I find this “DG Manual?”  Is it called something else depending on which HCS12 target I’m using?


Summary.  I’d like to request that critical design and operating characteristic information be made available to the HC12 and HCS12 community.  If this information cannot be provided as “open source,” the community (in my humble opinion, of course) would like to at least be told how much it will cost or if it simply cannot be provided due to liability and trade control issues with regard to sharing, access and use of this type of information.


Can anyone from Freescale offer any insight as to where to find this information?  Can anyone who uses this forum point me in the direction of the people at Freescale who normally have access to this info?  Most importantly, who else out there has experienced similar problems at tracking down the electrical characteristics of their device?!?!:mansurprised: