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SCI Parity  GT16A

Discussion created by Al Char on Nov 21, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2006 by Al Char
Enabling parity on this beast requires that the SCI be placed into 9-bit mode, parity enabled, parity type selected. Fine.

I imagine that on receive the SCI shifts in the proper parity value into SCIxC3 bit R8.

However a full chip simulation run shows that bit T8 is not automatically computed/set on a transmit, simply by loading SCIxD. I don't know if I should trust the simulator. But if true that means that my code will have to compute the parity bit, set T8, then load SCIxD.

Is this a true picture? Alas I'm away from the hardware today and can't run any experiments.

Al, a no-parity guy by inclination. But one must deal with marketing...