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Code Warrior Debugger Busy Adding variables to Data1 Window

Question asked by Anil Paryani on Nov 21, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2006 by Anil Paryani
Subject: Description: When starting the debugger, the command file is busy repeating the commands over and over for 15 minutes or so. Data:1 ADDXPR "batt[1]" !Data:1 ADDXPR "batt[0].fault_u.u16" !Data:1 ADDXPR "fault_system_u.u16" !Data:1 ADDXPR "fault_port_u[0].u8" !Data:1 ADDXPR "av_rx_pkt_u[0].data[1]" This problem seemed to occur after I installed 4.5 on my system. 3.1 now is doing this also. This is making it real difficult to debug. I have NOT changed any of the .cmd files to cause this problem.