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Installation of HCS08 CW5.1 and temporary files

Discussion created by Jaromir Sukuba on Nov 21, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2006 by Jaromir Sukuba
I'm trying to install CW5.1 for HCS08, fresh downloaded from freescale.com, but I'm not successful, because of somehow strange behavior of the installer. Free space on my system disc is about 300MB (I'm installing program files to other disc), that's why I changed folder to save temporary files (I'm actually not sure if this is really what I think it is, because of poor description - just noted as "Location to save files", not very useful, indeed) from default "{system disc}:\Document and Settings\...\Temp\CodeWarrior for HC08 V5_1" to other disc with plenty of free space, for example "D:\". Then, after hitting "Next" button, installer doesn't care about my path setting and starts to save files to default path. Of course, it runs out of free space and installer emits error. Finished.

By the way, installing in this manner was absolutely correct with old CW3.0 - I found an old CD containing this version, so I installed it to be sure - changed path to extract files to "D:\", everything was OK, files extracted to "D:\" and then selected path to install product to other path, like "D:\CW3\" and everything was OK with my exhausted system disc.

So my question is, how to change path to extract the needed files somewhere else than just the default path, or better how to force the installer to accept my settings?