Christie Su

MCF5282 RESET Problem

Discussion created by Christie Su on Nov 20, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2007 by John Neubert
It is Christie from Canada. I have the following problem:
When I power on MCF5282 or reset MCF5282, RSTO/ stays LOW. I tried to disable PLL(CLKMOD0,1-->GND) and use external CLK, it is same. I measure the CLK on EXTAL and XTAL, the EXTAL is about 0.928VDC, XTAL is about 0.738, but on 5282Lite board, EXTAL is about 0.684VDC, XTAL is about 0.832. Both have the CLKOUT.
Could somebody tell me where the problem could be?
Thank you very much.