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Benchmark tests for the M5223X

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Nov 19, 2006
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Hi All

Using the M52235EVB I have performed 2 benchmark tests using our uTasker project.

The first is to test a low power task which controls the switching of the processor to a stop state whenever this is possible.

The second is a UDP echo test of 512 and 1024 byte packets with a buffer copy in the middle. Then depending on the project configuration, the memory copies are performed using the DMA controller and / or tight loops and calculations are performed in SRAM rather than directly in FLASH. The reaction times were measured for various steps in the process and also the code/SRAM implicatiosn of each solution were monitored.

A draft benchmark report is available at

I would welcome any comments or comparison figures!!

It is obvious from the measurements that the algorithm used for the calcualtion of the check sum over the UDP data (when not deactivated) is critical for reaction time. Any ideas??


Mark Butcher