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ColdFire bdm troubles

Discussion created by ricardo ricardo on Nov 15, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2006 by Joe Holler
Hi folks !!
I´m using MCF5211 and its P&E bdm to debug it (with Codewarrior 6.3 , linker 6.2).
I have 2 questions I cannot solve yet ...I hope you can help me ...
When running the debugger, I have frequently a problem releted to "loss of communication" and so I need to close the debugger screen and restart it (F5) to run again ....
A second and very strange thing is..when I get close quckly to the target, the debugger screen (and the bdm..) stops and show a Vector 0 position, as it had lead to such position due to some reason.
It happens inside our lab, a very free of noisy environment...and free of ghosts (I hope...)
I have experienced it a lot in 9S12 / 08 bdm ....
To solve this last one I believe I must consult a priest .. :smileyhappy::smileyhappy:
Could soneone help me ?
Ricardo Raupp