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CodeWarrior for PPC connection problem with PowerTAP II

Discussion created by Martin Gotch on Nov 14, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2006 by Martin Gotch
I am attempting to use CodeWarrior v8.5 (for PPC) with a PowerTAP II (for the MPC824X). Host is XP w/up to date patches. I created project code using CW and can run & debug using the MWX-ICE v4.5.1 debugger software that came with the PowerTAP, but cannect get CW to connect to the powerTAP to allow debugging from CW. It finds the PowerTAP and starts communications (PowerTap TX/RX lights start flashing), but then an error appears:

Could not connect to the probe
(Download invald length)

There is not a lot of details in the manuals on setting up the PowerTAP, and it works fine with the MWX-ICE. Suggestions? Thanks!