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Discussion created by Neil Craig on Nov 14, 2006
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Hello all, I'm hoping this is an easy question for you gurus.

I'm a rank novice working on embedded programming for the first time. I bought a dragon12 board from Wytec and ran through Huang's new book in an attempt to get familiar with the basics by executing the code in the EmbeddedGNU compiler. Problem is, the software company I'm working with uses Codewarrior... Well, Codewarrior is a 'little' more involved than EmbeddedGNU and I floundered for a while before coming across a website that had shown step-by-step how to get the Dragon12 board working with Codewarrior.

I also have a PEMicro USB Multilink interface to confuse myself further. All this thing did was give me the power to erase the entire flash.

Long and the short of it, I blew away the D-Bug12 monitor and tried to replace it with the HCS12 serial monitor from the above website. Of course it didn't work. In fact, Code warrior HATES my COM1 port! EmbeddedGNU was able to upload no problem however so all of the hardware works (at least until I blew away the flash!).

I'm wondering if you all can help me with a few things.

1.) How do I reflash the Dragon12 board? I've found the .s19 files but it doesn't seem to take. Any step-by-step instructions out there on how to do this? I miss hitting the reset button and having the LEDs flash on in decending order.

2.) Why can't codewarrior talk to a standard COM1 port when EmbeddedGNU has no trouble?

Thanks in advance for helping a noob out.