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Developing applications with MC13191

Discussion created by Josko Marasovic on Nov 14, 2006
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Hello everybody!

I am student at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Croatia. I want make wireless system with MC13191. My thesis is to accomplish wireless communication between PC and sensors on human body. I read all reference manual but I want be sure in few facts about MC13191's possibilities.

1. Does it true that MC13191 can not support full-duplex communication, and there is no possibility to accomplish its in any way? Undoubtedly, I saw state diagram in reference manual, and from it I saw that MC13191 support only half-duplex communication.

2. Can I accomplish "imaginary" full-duplex communication by manipulating with packet RAMs?

3. If there is no possibility to accomplish full-duplex, where can I find information about MC13191 in star network. I would use one master MC13191 and eight slaves Mc13191s in star configuration. Does MAC software offer that possibility or I should use special protocol for that type configuration?

In fact, my problem is what I need realize real-time system. I had decided for MC13191 because its high data speed (250kbit/s), low power consumption and in the first revision of reference manual someone had wrote state diagram that had showed transition between Rx state and TX state without IDLE state. In other revisions that was changed.
If I would not accomplish anything in above questions, I must find other chip. :smileysad:

Thank you very much!

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