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Problem with chip MC13213 and PTA port

Discussion created by javier cuesta on Nov 14, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2006 by Alexander Kvashin
HI all, and thanks for your help in advance,
I have a problem regarding MC13213 chips and PTA port, although its more or less solved i would like to know if anyone noticed the problem and why it could be produced.
The problem is that I define PTADD as 0x00 for ussing PTAD port as input but when reciving 15 data bytes trough the UART PTADD misteriously turns to 0xFF turning the port as output, I dont know why is that produced. I have cheked the code and there is no asignment in all the code for that port to become 0xFF (nowhere, nor in the inicialization or in the code itshelf) the issue gets solved reasigning PTADD to 0x00 just before each reading of the PTAD port but its a quite dirty solution.