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Vector Redirection and Memory Protection

Discussion created by Rafael Ruiz on Nov 14, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2010 by bigmac
Hi to all, i'm having trouble, what i want to do is to redirect the vector table after i protect the memory... i've read the datasheet but i'm kinda lost with the code, do you have an example code that does that?? i will really appreciate it, also what i want to do is once i redirect the vector table i want to change the direction where the interrupts go, for example i want to have 2 interrupt functions that catch the "old" vector (before i redirect it) and one interrupt function that catch the new vector (once i redirected it) but i'm really newbie at this hobbie and i've never catched an interrupt before... so i really need help with this one... Like i said before i do have experience with c/c++ but not with this kind of coding which i find really interesting...

Thank you a lot guys, so far, i've learned a lot in this forum!