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Eclipse IDE for ColdFire with CodeSourcery

Discussion created by SriKrishnan Narayanan on Nov 13, 2006
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Briefly though:
1) I wrote my own linker script and CRunTime (crt0.s) file, but not from
scratch: I used stuff from the source code of newlib (which you should be
able to google for, and download yourself). I suspect that if you're using
the CodeSourcery IDE (and you payed money for it), they should have set up
these files already.

2) Eclipse can generate makefiles itself ("managed make"), but you need to
tell it which compiler to use. Also, Eclipse version 3.2 didn't understand
that .S files are assembly files that need to be preprocessed, so I needed
to add a custom rule for each .S file in my project. Version 3.3 might be
better. Once you have those things set up, you can save the project as a
template, and then add or remove as many C source files as you want without
having to worry about makefiles ever again.

I never got to the stage where I could use a graphical GDB debugger. I was
using the text based one, but it was quite easy to use.

I am currently in the middle of a busy university term, so I might not reply
properly until December 1st. When I get time, I will clean up and publish as
much information as I can on the internet (I already have a document
half-written which should help). I will also test it under linux, with
eclipse-3.3, and hopefully give hints on how to get it working on windows.

Hope that is helpful. Please ask questions on the forums and send me links
if you want more information from me. Thanks.