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How is a program loaded into the Flash of a coldfire MCU ??

Discussion created by SriKrishnan Narayanan on Nov 12, 2006
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Kindly excuse my ignorance. am a newbie to the ColdFire family.. Something that i am concerned about that i need a clarification on before i can decide to procure a MCF5282 Evaluation board....

My situation is this :

I'm looking at procuring a ColdFire Evaluation Board for MCF5282. I intended to use Eclipse IDE with the GNU toolchain from

I therefore now have options for a compiler, Simulator and a Debugger.

Now, for example i want to test a simple UART routine or some other serial Communication routine, how will i load the "hex" file generated by my compiler into the target device ??

If i were working on ARM, i would have simply used a utility called Flash Magic, which is a flash programming utility, available for free. The only hardware interface this requires is a simple serial cable.

Can i similarly write a routine, & load my hex onto the memory of my ColdFire controller, using a simple, freely available software, without having to purchase a BDM/programmer cable from PE-Micro or anyone else??

Hope this is clear.