Richard Serge

Project in a Network Folder, Can't Load

Discussion created by Richard Serge on Nov 11, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2006 by Jiri Peroutik
CW Devl Studio 5.7.0 build 2015; debugger Multilink Cyclone Pro (latest firmware, 6.87 I think); target chip is QG8.

I want to keep my project folder on another computer on my local network. It seems to work ok, up to a point. I can compile, invoke the debugger and download and run/debug my code in my chip. However, if I choose Load Application from the File menu and choose the same .abs file that it is currently using, it gives me a teensy window (titled Load Executable File) with the teensy error message "Loading Failed". No error number or anything.

Any suggestions, please?

(I seem to recall a problem I was having a while back, in that if the project.abs file is on a network share then CW does not close that file after the debugger loads it into your target. Related?)