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PRM file

Discussion created by Steve Meisel on Nov 11, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2006 by Joerg Schnyder
I am new to Code Warrior.  I had a couple of semesters with the 68HC11 in college (used the MGTEK MiniIDE).
Now I have taken over a project at work that includes an MC68HC908QY4.
I am trying set the TIM interrupt vectors.  I figured out that it needs to be done in the prm file.  One of the example programs has this file included with it.  But it does not have the processor.h with all the memory declarations or I would just use that one to start my project.  In my project I need to include the prm or be able to create/add the processor file.
When I try to add or create the prm file CW gives an error on compile and says the project has been modified by an outside source and reloads the project without including my new file.  What am I doing or not doing?  Please help.  Also anyone recommend a good book, I would be up for that too, as I would rather figure out my problems myself.  Headed to Barnes & Noble tonight.